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Real estate SEO services to generate leads

Our proven real estate SEO services work to get you top-shelf leads from Google.

Once we apply our secret SEO formula, your real estate website will climb to Google’s top page.

Watch as high-quality leads come through to you, the stand-out Google-ranked agent they can trust to handle their real estate deals.

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We work with Realtors from:

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SEO strategy for new and existing realtors

The internet has over 1.13 billion websites, with 200 new websites added every minute. It can be intimidating to enter the scene.

Especially if Google draws a blank for you.

What if we told you that your real estate business is destined for SEO greatness? Despite being search-challenged.

We’ve perfected our SEO strategy since 2013.

We have a formula that works like magic for prospects in your area to gravitate towards you. Only you.

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Our real estate SEO agency gets results

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3 New Deals Per Month

More traffic inevitably leads to more transactions.

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1,700+ Keywords Ranked

The perfect keywords to attract your ideal clients.

Campaign results:


Deals generated from Google


New visitors per month


Return on investment

The best real estate SEO company, the best results

Our Search Engine Optimization services had 1,400 clicks and 20,000 impressions for a client. PER MONTH in unique website visits.

We also raised their click-through rate to 14.7% (which is well above the average for his industry). Result? More traffic, more leads.

This is crucial when establishing your brand authority and cementing your professional reputation.

Our client basked in the joy of 18 #1 ranking pages. They continue to increase rankings every day due to the success of our SEO campaign.

We’ll do the same for you: top-shelf leads and a powerful advantage in your market.

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SEO builds up over time to continually deliver you more business

SEO is an investment in your company’s long-term success. Other advertising methods can work great while you’re paying for them, but as soon as you shut them off, the magic is gone.

With SEO, if you stop or slow down, your growth may slow, but it will take a long time to lose your progress. Ultimately, the only time you lose progress is if competitors do more than you.

First-month growth for a new client.

Steady organic traffic growth.

Month 6 campaign results.

Continuous SEO growth over time.

Ready to grow your business?

Start with a short, free consultation about your current situation.

Our real estate SEO services

We make you google famous: the simplest, top-shelf, and expert way.
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Keyword research

We're pretty intense when it comes to keyword research. Seriously, our team goes batshit crazy when we find untapped keywords. We add high-value content for targeted keywords, skyrocketing your website to the first page.

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Local SEO

Go Top Shelf follows Google’s search guidelines and is a White Hat SEO agency (ahem, we play by the rules). We don’t trick Google into ranking you higher (sorry). We just give them the information they want — YOU and YOUR business.

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

We strategically position you as a voice of authority in real estate. Prospects keep hitting up your website and decide you're the one they want for ALL their real estate needs. Hello, leads! You'll have clients spreading good vibes about your awesomeness. That, my friend, is free advertising due to sweet SEO success.

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Link building

You can never do without links in SEO. Links add credibility and are a huge factor in working your way to the top Google results. We use links wisely to establish your authority, voice, and brand online.

Local SEO success

We make sure you stand out in local online searches by making you visible in Google Maps rankings.

This sparks searchers’ interest and helps in your prospect’s decision-making. They’ll remember you because they always see you on Google. They’ll get excited to work with you for what you bring to the table. The best offer for their home and the best home for them in your area.

The second page of Google is the best place to hide a dead body. When was the last time you looked there? Literally never.

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What is SEO?

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your website’s performance and shoots you to the top of the results page.

SEO tells Google that you’re the best option for the searcher and grants you the”all-clear” to take the coveted top position on the FIRST page.


To have your site ranked on one of these search engines – you first need to optimize your site. Optimizing your site makes Google see you, understand you, and trust you.

Your pages start climbing the search results, gradually bringing you more and more leads.

Over time and with consistent work, you’ll remain fresh, relevant, and compelling for Google to keep you in pole position. Staying on top equals fresh leads regularly and consistently.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. It has the best average ROI of all digital marketing activities – second only to email marketing.

Proper SEO magnifies your online presence where prospects see you. Prospects who relentlessly come to you as leads.

With our SEO strategy, you’ll win prospects over before you even meet them.

Because of our SEO strategy, your business grows.


There’s no way you’ll diversify and reach premium leads without SEO, especially our top-shelf proven SEO strategy.

Relying on repeat business and referrals is great.

But, if you have no way of bringing in new clients consistently, your growth will slow, and the frustration will build.

Our SEO services are the answer to consistently bringing in new clients to grow your database.